3 Myths Of Custom Software Outsourcing

3 Myths Of Custom Software Outsourcing

3 Myths Of Custom Software Outsourcing

One way for any company to slash overhead expenses is by outsourcing certain business functions. Outsourcing can help you take advantage of the talents of outside firms while redirecting your own employees’ efforts towards projects more related to your core business. One thing that can certainly be outsourced is the creation of custom software. Programming quality software is a painstaking process that would otherwise require paying handsomely for a full-time employee. While there are certainly mistakes you can make when outsourcing software development, many of the concerns business owners have are actually based on myths. Below are three examples.

Myth 1 – It’s Difficult to Manage Projects Remotely

One common fear that business owners have is that an outsourced project will simply grow a life of its own and move in the opposite direction of what they want. It is true that when you outsource the programming of software to an offshore firm you are giving up your ability to directly monitor the progress in real time. However, programming is very technical. If you don’t already know how to program software, what you observe would be of little meaning to you. What is more important is checking up on the progress of the development of the software’s features from time to time. This can easily be done over the internet through e-mail, instant messaging and file sharing.

Myth 2 – Outsourcing Results in a Drop in Quality

Quality control is another common concern that many business owners have in regards to outsourcing the development of software. It’s easy to understand why. In other industries, it may be common place to receive products from foreign factories that are significantly lower in quality than the prototypes they were based off of. However, with software development, this should be less of a concern. For one, you can do some research on the track record of companies that develop software by looking at some of the programs they created for other firms. In fact, it’s likely that end product may be better than what you would have produced in house. Such firms focus specifically on developing software. As such, they have procedures in place to detect and correct bugs and other problems with the software they develop.

Myth 3 – Outsourcing Is Risky

Many business owners also worry that the process itself is inherently risky. The term outsourcing brings to mind the idea of working with firms that exist in other nations that may experience political and economic turmoil. However, this view ignores the ways most large corporations have done business for hundreds of years in a global economy. For example, Nestle doesn’t directly harvest the cocoa beans it uses to make its chocolate bars. Instead, the company works with African vendors who work with the farmers and field workers that have to worry about that step of the production process. If creating software isn’t what your company focuses on, hiring a company to outsource your software development to can simply be viewed as working with another supplier that helps you create your end product.

Outsourcing can provide your company with plenty of great benefits. It can give you access to the skills of experts without having to use a lengthy hiring process. It can also allow the employees you do have to focus on tasks more strongly linked to your company’s long-term strategic goals. If you need to develop complex software in the near future and don’t have the staff to handle it, consider obtaining the services of Burada Inc. You can do so by filling out the Get Started page on our website.


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