3 Myths Of Offshore Mobile App Development Outsourcing

3 Myths Of Offshore Mobile App Development Outsourcing

3 Myths Of Offshore Mobile App Development Outsourcing

In an effort to cut costs, many companies choose to offshore all or part of their technology function. Between outsourced call center operations, offshore mobile app development and outsourced IT, hiring workers from overseas to complete projects is a trend that is only expected to grow. There are benefits and drawbacks to this trend, and by examining the myths of offshore mobile app development, your company will be better able to make the right choice.

Myth #1: Hiring Overseas Workers is Always Cheaper

This is the most common reason that companies choose to outsource. It isn’t, however, as clear cut as most companies think. While it may appear cheaper to hire an offshore developer, the cost savings are often negated by problems with communication, the inability to manage the project effectively and differing standards of quality. There are many “fly by night” offshore companies that pop up and just as quickly go out of business, leaving companies holding the bag for the project costs.

Many companies are surprised to discover that the money they spend in order to find the right overseas developer makes it less profitable to hire this cheap labor. Simply finding the right company can take weeks and many companies learn the hard way.It is only after they have poured money into a project that they learn that their money would have been better spent hiring a local developer.

Myth #2: Companies Have to Outsource Because of a Lack of Skilled U.S. Workers

In the app development market, there are many new, U.S. based companies starting up every day, offering the top talent who can deliver your project. Mobile application development is a hot new trend, and many colleges and universities are adding the study to their curriculum. The brightest and best from colleges across the country are creating innovative new products each day and are willing and able to deliver on the application that your business needs.

There are incubators across the country dedicated to the technology sector that can deliver high-quality products that are customized for your business. These incubators are staffed with the freshest minds that are ready to conceptualize your project and make it a priority. There are many U.S. based companies that will deliver quickly and give your project the attention it deserves.

Myth 3: Outsourcing Saves Time

Many companies believe that it is simply more efficient to outsource than to find and hire local talent for their development needs. While it may be quicker to find a cheap developer overseas, it is not always cost effective in the long run. Cheap developers often work on multiple projects simultaneously, making your project less of a priority. Cheap developers may be less willing to give up rights to the project and are more likely to re-use designs in order to save on time.

Depending on which country in which you hire your outsourced workers, there may be time differences that make communication difficult. Your staff may have to shift their schedules in order to meet with overseas workers who are in time zones that are several hours ahead or behind. These factors make it less likely that hiring a cheap overseas developer will save your company money.

Getting the best developer for your project is vital to your company’s bottom line. There are many cheap overseas developers that over-promise and under-deliver, ultimately costing more money than they save. Hiring a local technology firm for all of your application development needs means that you can exercise greater control over your project, have greater input and reduce errors in communication. Find the right developer for your mobile app project today.


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