3 Ways To Leverage Mobile Applications For Your Company

3 Ways To Leverage Mobile Applications For Your Company

3 Ways To Leverage Mobile Applications For Your Company

These days, almost everyone has a smartphone, and people usually have their phone within reach at all times. In fact, it is generally quicker for someone to use an app on their phone than it is to pull up a website on their computer, and this is particularly true if they are out and about. This gives businesses a number of great opportunities when they choose to have their own app developed. They are able to reach consumers directly on their phones without them having to go significantly out of their way. There are many ways that businesses can leverage mobile applications in order to both increase sales of goods and services and grow their client base.

  • Advertising

When businesses get a custom app developed, they can choose to utilize the functionality that allows them to advertise directly to everyone who has their mobile application installed. There are several ways to do this including push notifications and SMS messaging, and a good app developer will be able to implement one or both of these options.

Push notifications are messages that are sent over the Internet, and people receive them directly on their phones. Businesses can easily utilize these to send out advertisements for whatever it is that they sell. However, they will have to use a service like PushWhoosh or Urban Airship to actually send out the push notifications, and business owners will have to pay to have their advertisements sent to customers. In the same way, developers can integrate mobile apps with services that allow businesses to send SMS advertising directly to customers after they have entered their phone number into the application. This is also a great way to maintain a database of active customers that includes their contact information.

  • Ordering

Businesses can also allow customers to order products and services using their app. This acts in essentially the exact same way as letting customers place orders on the company’s website. However, many people find it more convenient to order things using their phone as they can do it from anywhere. Mobile applications can be set up to automatically email businesses when clients have placed an order so that they can begin the fulfillment process quickly and keep customers happy.

  • Scheduling Appointments

Companies can also utilize their mobile apps to allow customers to schedule appointments, and this is particularly good for service providers like doctors and dentists. Clients can indicate when they would like to schedule an appointment, and an email will be sent to staff members who can then check to see if the times requested are available. They can then confirm by sending a message directly to the client on their phone or call them if changes need to be made.

  • The Bottom Line

Just like any other type of software, mobile applications can be configured to do pretty much anything that a business needs them to. While the functionality mentioned is some of the more common ways that businesses leverage smartphone apps, there is a multitude of other things that companies can do when they get custom mobile applications developed. All that a business needs to do is choose a good developer or company that produces mobile apps in order to get an application that can perform any business process that a company needs. With this, they will be able to connect with customers directly wherever they happen to be.



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