5 Tips Help You Select the Right Development Company for Your Custom Software Project

5 Tips Help You Select the Right Development Company for Your Custom Software Project

5 Tips Help You Select the Right Development Company for Your Custom Software Project

Finding the right custom software company for your application can be a daunting task. How do you determine if developer A is better than developer B? Where do you go to get more information on the potential developer? Here are a few tips to help you narrow down the search for a development company.
  • Price isn’t everything.

When looking for a developer, don’t just look at the price and take the lowest price possible. Remember that you get what you pay for and this is doubly so when dealing with a development company. Often the better the developer the more they will charge, but the better the end product. “Hot shot” programmers will demand a premium for their skills and are well worth the cost. Of course, this isn’t always the case but it’s a very good rule of thumb to go by.
  • See their previous work.

Ask to see what they’ve done in the past. Look carefully through their portfolio or case studies of previous projects. Ask for demonstrations of other custom applications that they’ve done in the past and try to see how the design and flow of what they’ve already done would fit your business. Be critical of their work and ask them questions about what they’ve done, challenges they’ve encountered and how they overcame those challenges. If a company won’t show you their work, then they either haven’t done many projects or what they have done isn’t worth showing off. Either way, they are a company to be cautious about.
  • Ask for references.

Often times talking to a previous client of theirs is a great way to gauge their work styles, productivity and find out how the project went as a whole. You wouldn’t hire a new employee without first talking to their list of references, nor should you hire a custom software development company without talking to theirs. If they are a reputable company they will have no problems coming up with customers willing to talk to you. If they hesitate to let you talk to their previous customers, that’s a definite red flag and you should be cautious.

  • Interview several companies.

Don’t just go with the first company that looks good. Interview several companies and get a feeling for how they work as well as how they will work with your company. Having a good relationship with the development company is key in producing a good product. Talking to several companies and their programmers can allow you to get a sense of the type of people you’ll be dealing with and how they will integrate with your employees.

  • Look them up on the Internet.

Do an Internet search for the companies and see what comes up. Check with the local Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any cases against them. Generally people take to the internet to complain about things and bad service with a company is no different. If you do a search and find nothing, that’s not always a good sign nor a bad sign, but if something comes up and it’s a negative review, approach that company with caution, ask them about the bad review and see what they have to say before going possibly forward with them.

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