5 Ways A Cross-Platform Mobile App Will Benefit Your Business

5 Ways A Cross-Platform Mobile App Will Benefit Your Business

5 Ways A Cross-Platform Mobile App Will Benefit Your Business

If you are thinking about putting out an application for smartphones, tablets, and computers, the number of options that you have with regard to which platforms or operating systems that you should develop for can become confusing because there are so many options available.

In fact, we are at one of those points in the history of the industry where the number of operating system choices has grown so great that even Microsoft has considered open-sourcing their Windows product in order to continue to grow its customer base. The smart choice for many businesses that want to hedge their bets is to develop a cross-platform app that will run on most operating systems in use today.

Here are some ways that pursuing cross-platform development on an app can benefit your business:

Increase your Geo-location Target Market

Geolocation is all the rage for many businesses because it allows them to push coupons, discounts, or information to customers when they are physically present in their cell phones or tablets near their business. The concept brings great potential to increase sales because customers are literally already on a company’s doorstep. The caveat is that in order to send customers a message you need a third-party application that the user runs in the background in order to push a message. Having your own application, therefore, makes sense. Having your own application and ensuring that it runs on Android, iOS, and Windows at a minimum will increase your audience.

Ensure Continuity

Not only are you able to reach more potential customers by making an application available, you are also able to reach the same person on different machines. The average person has an Android smartphone or tablet and a Windows or Apple computer. This means that if you want to reach them everywhere, you need to create a multi-platform application.

Provide More Sophisticated Feedback

Whether you are running campaigns using an application on several platforms or focused on providing a feature set, you will find that the depth of the user behavior feedback that you receive will be much greater, leading to a better understanding of how to make updates and program changes.

Prepare you for Expansion

Existing smartphone and tablet operating systems that exist are fighting for market share globally. Mozilla has made a strong push into Europe. Blackberry is doing well with the security-conscious. Ubuntu Linux has made inroads in China and India while Android and iOS make up much of the rest of the market aside from a small share of Microsoft. Adding any combination will give you automatic platform support across a wide swath of territory globally. By planning ahead and mapping the areas you will have the strongest coverage in, you can help make immediate decisions about the platforms you will cover and the countries that you will provide service for.

Give you Greater Control Over Your Campaigns

Control over when and how you reach your clients with specific messages is something that you can pay for through a third-party advertising service. Yet when you push the same message through your own cross-platform application, you will be able to make instant changes to start or stop campaigns in a way that doesn’t incur financial pain like it might with a third party.
Additionally, your A/B testing and another testing can become much more detailed without racking your budget.

Cross-Platform Applications are a great way to leverage your business into the consciousness of a much larger market that you might otherwise have. If you have a project slated for the near future and want to discuss how our services can create an application that will meet your needs, please fill out the get started form and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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