The Benefits of Custom Application Development VS Off the Shelf Software

The Benefits of Custom Application Development VS Off the Shelf Software
Why would you want to create a brand new, custom application when there may be a “suitable” program that already exists? While there are many benefits to creating a custom application for your company as opposed to buying something off the shelf, trying to decide between the cost and the ability to customize the custom application versus the lower expense and lack of options for an already created software package can be very difficult.
While buying something off the shelf can be quick and easy to get into place and working for your company, there is very little flexibility and expansion possible. A quick, cheap fix may seem like a good idea to get things moving, but your square peg might not fit into their round hole. In other words, your business may have needs that the off the shelf software might not be fully accommodated and you’re left struggling to find a fix or stop gap that will work. Getting the software company to make the changes you need might well be impossible. Most of the time, it requires many of their customers to request the same update and chances are your needs won’t be the same as anyone else’s. If you have any issues or problems with the program, you’ve got to deal with their tech support and often their support is very costly.
On the other hand, building a custom program for your company can really benefit you in the long run. You are not forced to run your business using some other company’s business model, you get to run your business the way you want to run it. Custom applications can take longer to create and they have a greater expense than something you’d buy off the shelf, but the flexibility of developing the software and the ability to customize your application will allow you to run things your way.Truly the hardest part of any business is finding the right business application for your company. When you build the program yourself, you’re able to work with a highly qualified company and define exactly what you need and how you need it. This way, it’s a round peg in a round hole and everything runs smoothly. And, as your business grows and changes, the software can grow and change with you. By developing a good relationship with the software company, they can often suggest options that you may not have considered.
Don’t let your business be held back by software that doesn’t allow you to do what you need it to or forces you to work in a less productive and more wasteful way. In the long run, saving money up front may end up costing you a lot more than creating your own application. Plus, once you get in too deep with the less functional software, it may be very costly and cause disruptions to your business to try to switch to something new. Only you know how your business needs to be run.
We would love to discuss the benefits that having a custom built software application would have for your company. We can help you define and create your very own custom software application to help your business run smoother. Please fill out the Get Started form and one of our representatives will contact you very soon.

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