The Hidden Costs of Hiring “Cheap” Software Developers

The Hidden Costs of Hiring "Cheap" Software Developers

Why Hiring “Cheap” Developers Can Cost Your Company Money

Starting and running a small business can be tough. Many companies are running on shoestring budgets, forcing decision makers to find new and innovative ways to cut corners on operating costs. While it may seem like a good cost-saving idea to outsource your technology function by hiring cheap software developers, there are reasons that you may want to re-think this decision.
  • Why Companies Hire “Cheap” Developers

There are many reasons that companies let cost drive their decision-making when it comes to hiring developers. First, many companies feel that there are no real distinctions when it comes to developers. Writing code is a universal skill, and many companies don’t distinguish between one person who writes code and another. The problem with this line of thinking is that it does not take the whole picture into account. There is more to hiring a developer than simply receiving a finished product. Understanding the downsides of hiring “cheap” developers for your project is essential to getting the best return on your investment.

  • The Downsides of Hiring “Cheap” Developers

The biggest downside of hiring a cheap developer is the lack of reliability and quality of the project and final product. Since they are working for less money, cheap developers may be forced to work for more than one business in order to stay afloat. This means that your developer may not be able to finish your project on schedule, may not be available to discuss your project or may rush through it in order to move on to a more profitable project.

It can be time-consuming to find the right developer for your job. The search for the right developer can take weeks, costing your company productivity and loss of income. Cheap developers often underprice their services because they are less confident about the quality of their work. This can mean that you are paying to be an inexperienced developer’s test subject.

Cheap developers often operate on volume versus price and may not be willing to relinquish as much control over the project as a higher paid developer. You may want your team to be available at certain times of the day for meetings, for example, but your developer may want to spend that time on other projects. The less you pay your outsourced developer, the less control you have over the creative process and how the project is run.

It can be time-consuming to design a brand new project from scratch, and cheap developers may look for ways to take shortcuts in order to realize a profit for their work. The longer it takes the developer to finish a project, the less profit he makes, For this reason, many lower paid developers use templates or pre-made designs in their work. Some even refuse to grant exclusive rights to their designs because they want to retain the right to use them for another client.

  • Hiring a High-Quality Developer

Hiring a high-quality developer for your next project is a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends for your company’s success. In-demand developers will take the time to understand your needs and create a product that is custom tailored to your business. These developers will give your project their full attention, and be available to discuss your project during milestones and whenever you need updates on the progress. You can be assured that your developer won’t provide you with a pre-made template—and that you won’t see your same design popping up all over the Web and on your competitor’s pages.

When it comes to hiring the right developer, don’t cut corners. Find the right developer today.


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