When Not To Use Umbraco

When Not To Use Umbraco



But why should you love them too?

Reason # 1

You obviously know the importance of delegation in your business. Businesses just don’t work without effective tools to facilitate delegating tasks. Traditionally, it was very difficult to delegate the task of creating and updating web sites to non-technical users. Umbraco solves this problem by allowing you to create streamlined data entry forms that allow your people to enter data in a structured way. This allows them to confidently create and update pages without having to worry about the site breaking, or even the webpages looking bad, as Umbraco can be set up to control the layout and the styling of the site itself. This is a huge benefit for using Umbraco in a business environment.

Reason # 2

So suppose you allow people in your organization to be able to create and update pages on their own. You are definitely going to want to put into place a content approval process. The great thing about Umbraco is they built in this capability from the very beginning. If you choose, it allows you to set things up so that one person can create or update the page, but a separate person can then review it and make final edits before the update actually becomes visible on your site. This will give you a comfort level in your delegating, knowing that more than one set of eyes is on every update.

Reason # 3

If you’re like us, you know the power of marketing on the internet. One key component is the ability to rapidly update content on your website to take advantage on new market opportunities. With a proper Umbraco setup, you can allow your marketing team to instantly take advantage of this by publishing relevant and up to date content.

And if you know anything about search engine marketing… Then you know that Google and Bing absolutely love this. Be sure you take advantage of this capability.

When Not To Use Umbraco

Now, there are situations where you would not want to go to the effort to use a tool like Umbraco for your business. If you need to create some quick website that you don’t really care about ever updating, or perhaps your business isn’t sophisticated enough yet to require much delegation, then it’s very likely that you would not want to go to the effort required to build your site into something as powerful as Umbraco. In those situations, it might make more sense to just use some cheap website builder that you find online to get something quick and cheap out the door.

But, if you have even a small gut feeling that your site might need some of the benefits I just mentioned, then be sure to consider using Umbrao.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions on Umbraco, or if you’d like to see any other topics addressed in our video series that we’re producing.


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