Why Your Offshore Software Project Will Likely Fail

Why Your Offshore Software Project Will Likely Fail

Why Your Offshore Software Project Will Likely Fail

If your company has ever experienced disappointment when an offshore software project failed, you are not alone. The failure rate among companies who hire offshore developers and other technology teams is high, and there are concrete reasons why this is the case. Getting to the bottom of these failures is the key to avoiding the same mistakes.

  • Hiring Bargain Basement Contractors

It is more cost-effective to search among the best developers then negotiate the cost down to a reasonable level than it is to sift through cheap developers and hope for quality. Unfortunately, many companies use this strategy when planning to hire overseas workers for their projects. The problem with making price the deciding factor when hiring team members for a project is that there is wide variation in the quality of the finished product. Cheap developers often have limited portfolios, or depend on volume to earn a profit. This means that your project may not get the personal attention it deserves.

  • Not Understanding the Country’s Political Climate

There are many factors, both on a macro and micro level than can interfere with your projects when you hire overseas workers. Countries like Canada, Ireland, and Switzerland have relatively strong economies and low levels of political unrest. Other countries like Indian nations, China and Russia may be susceptible to any number of outside forces including war, terror attacks and weather anomalies.

Think back to the SARS epidemic in China or the tsunami in the Philippines. Not only did these issues negatively affect the residents of these nations, they hampered business around the world. Hiring domestic contractors lessens the likelihood that these factors will affect your company’s bottom line.

  • Communication Breakdowns

There are many hurdles to overcome when it comes to hiring offshore workers. Language barriers may prevent effective communication and make it more likely that an error in transmission will affect your project. While many outsourced firms have project managers that understand English, fluency can be a problem for other team members who will be handling your project. Even commonly used English phrases and expressions can cause confusion, making it harder for your team to complete your project.

Simple calculation errors, like measuring using the metric versus the imperial system can spell huge losses for your company. Time zone differences can also slow down progress. Unless your company functions at full capacity around the clock, it can cost your company extra money to accommodate the unique needs of companies located on the other side of the globe.

  • Lack of Oversight

While technology makes it possible to work with team members from across the globe, there is a little substitute for being in the same hemisphere as your team. Local teams can come to your office for meetings and hack sessions, making it easy for you to exchange information and ask questions about how the project is progressing. Even team members located in other states are easier to reach by phone and email, making the entire process more efficient.

  • Middlemen Can Cause Problems

When it comes to doing work with overseas contractors, there are usually several channels between you and your finished product. Your outsourced developers may have to use payment gateways to receive your payments in their currency, outside vendors for translation services and unreliable Internet service providers. This means that if there are any breaks in the chain, your company may have to foot the bill for the loss of productivity.

When it comes to hiring the right developers, there are talented, skilled and affordable domestic companies that will handle your project with the personalized attention it deserves. Find the right developer today.




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